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What does Flood Insurance cover?

Flood insurance is an optional insurance coverage that can help protect your home against the damage caused by flooding. And you don’t have to live along the coast or near a river to need it. Even areas considered at lower risk can be vulnerable to flooding because there are so many conditions that can cause it, including poor drainage systems, rapid accumulation of rainfall, snowmelt, and construction run-off.


Shopping for a flood insurance quote? You’ll need flood insurance to protect your home if:

  • You live in a colder climate where the ground freezes and snow accumulates. The ground closest to your house thaws first. When this happens, melted snow can saturate the unfrozen ground next to your house and then spill into your basement. You need flood insurance.2
  • Wildfires scorch the land around your home and destroy all vegetation. The following year, during a rainy season, the lack of vegetation leads to flash floods and mudflows that ruin your part of your home. You’ll need flood insurance.2
  • The area you’re living in experiences long cold spells that cause rivers to freeze. If the water level rises, or a thaw breaks the ice into big chunks, those chunks of ice could end up creating a dam which results in flooding. If you live in the nearby area, you’ll need flood insurance to cover the damage your home may incur.3
Don’t assume that damages like these won’t happen to your home. Landscapes and weather patterns are constantly changing and this can result in unexpected flooding. Some areas are even more likely to experience flood damage than they are to experience fire damage.1 Rest more easily knowing that you’re protected in the event of flooding – get a quote today.


Do homeowner’s insurance policies cover flood damage?
Most homeowner’s insurance policies don’t cover flood damage. This important extra layer of protection is optional, additional coverage that you can purchase.


Flood insurance rates are established by the federal government. As a result, all companies will use these same rates to determine your cost for flood insurance coverage. Quotes given for flood insurance are based on a customer’s geographic location and the flood risks associated with that area.

Source: The Hartford