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Exam Glove Prices May Increase Soon

The director of Association Gloves & Supplies shared this information with us and the WDA and in return we are sharing it with you.


Due to significant cost increases in natural rubber latex and nitrile butadine rubber since last September, the price of examination gloves may increase in the coming months. One manufacturer, Microflex, already has announced wholesale price increases for latex dental exam gloves as of May 1, and has implemented measures to prevent distributors from buying in stock to beat the price increase. Other glove manufacturers likely will follow suit shortly. While manufacturers have yet to announce an increase in the wholesale cost of nitrile gloves, that may be coming soon.

Natural rubber latex has increased as much as 70 percent in price since September. Manufacturers have held prices steady in the face of substantially higher costs and decreasing profits. The latex shortage is blamed on exceptional flooding in Thailand and Malaysia, paired with higher global demand.

This year, latex glove users have been hit exceptionally hard. The federal government banned the sale and use of powdered latex gloves, effective Jan. 18. That change forced powdered latex glove users to find a new latex, nitrile or chloroprene glove. Those who chose a latex glove may now be faced with paying a higher price or again changing the type of glove they are purchasing. Nitrile gloves generally are less expensive than latex glove, making them an attractive alternative. Chloroprene gloves are available at many price points and some are less costly than latex gloves.

Overall, the cost of exam gloves has declined or held steady since 2013. As your endorsed provider of exam gloves and supplies, Association Gloves & Supplies will do its best to minimize the price impact on our offerings. Our price on affected latex gloves will increase about 4.5 percent, effective May 1.

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