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Four Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Traveling with Jewelry

Summer is finally in full-swing, and as the weather continues to heat up plenty, many will be gearing up for their long-awaited vacations.

This means  preparing for flights, cramming as much as you can into a suitcase, and checking the extended weather forecast around the clock as you get ready to embark on your thoughtfully planned journeys. However, one thing may be forgotten in the slew of pre-flight plans. Your jewelry. Here are four things you probably don’t know about traveling with jewelry:

  1. Jewelry sold overseas may be overpriced or a “knockoff”. According to the U.S. Travel Association, shopping is the No. 1 leisure activity for overseas travelers. However, for those hoping to shop for some unique jewelry finds, research is key. A team of Rossen Reports researchers found when shopping overseas that several jewelry items being sold were either overpriced or of a very low quality.
  2. Traveling with expensive jewelry can be hazardous. Losing a ring on the beach, leaving expensive earrings behind in the hotel safe, having something stolen in an unsafe part of town. Traveling with jewelry is risky so we recommend documenting what is brought along, knowing when and when not to wear jewelry, renting a hotel safe, and concealing the most stand-out pieces.
  3. Jewelry can make navigating airports stressful. The airport can be a tricky. To make it through with ease we suggest refraining from packing your jewelry in a checked bag, wearing jewelry that stands out, bringing items that can’t go in a carry-on bag, and having a TSA officer screen your valuables in public.
  4. Travel jewelry is an actual thing. When heading out on a road trip, to the beach, or to an amusement park, keeping the expensive jewelry at home is the best move. Instead of ditching it all, looking into travel jewelry, a much cheaper option that might be worth it. A handful of jewelers make stylish pieces specifically for travelers.

If you have questions on how your jewelry is covered, be sure to give us a call before your travels begin. 800-637-4676.


Source: Trusted Choice