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Client Comments

Client Comments

We were away from our home for a few days, and when we returned, there was water gushing out of the wall kitchen wall, onto our beautiful wood flooring and into the basement.  This was a major disaster and turned out to be a very large claim, over $150K of damage!  Craig and Sam were involved from the very beginning, working with me and our insurance carrier.  I am happy Craig took the time to ask a lot of questions, and learn about our needs upfront.  They are both caring people, and professionals, I could not be happier with the outcome! 

S.J., MD


Craig and Sam, you guys really do a good job! As you know my son and his girlfriend were involved in a serious accident with significant injuries, and we needed to file a claim. I wanted to “thank you” again for being there for us throughout the entire claims process. When I needed help, you got involved. You helped answer our questions, gave us direction when we needed it and stayed actively involved with us for over a year while it was all being sorted out with the claims adjustor. Financially speaking, everything was covered to my satisfaction and I have no complaints. I am so grateful you were on our side, keep up the great work!

Dr. Timothy K.


Craig and Sam at Professional Insurance Programs have always been very helpful, and caring when it comes to processing claims we have had to make over the years.  But what impresses me the most is their quick, timely and accurate replies to my questions or concerns.  I know whenever I have a question, they will get back to me with an informative and friendly response. I’m very happy with PIP! 

Aaron Q.


Thanks to Craig Thompson for solving all my insurance needs in a courteous and professional manor. Not only did he solve an unwarranted cancellation problem, the final solution saved significant premium dollars.

Thomas R., DDS


We reviewed the final quote together and are very comfortable with the proposal.  Craig, cost savings is a factor, Most importantly, the deciding factor for us was the excellent job you have done of providing us with clear information and communicating effectively with us without being pushy.  Your ratings for customer service are well deserved.  At the same time I reached out to you, I inquired of 5 additional companies/agents and you provided customer service that surpassed all the others. 

Marla, DVM


A SHOUT OUT to Craig Thompson.  He has helped me tremendously throughout this commercial policy flood insurance process.  Craig went above and beyond to make sure we really needed the elevation certificate, looking for what may be a less expensive option and what would be best for us. Craig is a rockstar, a pleasure to work with, and very responsive to the clients best interests.

Emily B.  Office Manager


Craig sent over quotes the same day, explained every step of the process and gave me a timeline.  He was so friendly and knowledgeable that I was at ease throughout the whole process.  I have the utmost respect for Craig.  In a time when it seems there is less and less compassion or concern for the “little guy” Craig’s demeanor proved that there are great people out there… 

Patti S.,  Janesville


Craig made the entire process painless and enjoyable.

Rick A., JD


Craig informed me that my original homeowners quote had gone up after the insurance carrier completed their home inspection.  After talking the matter over, Craig contacted the insurance carrier and discovered there was a square footage discrepancy.  He contacted the city assessor’s office, verifying the home square footage he used was correct and then challenged what the carrier used after the home inspection.  After seeing the assessor report he provided they agreed to change the square footage amount back to the original premium amount.  This level of customer support separates Craig from the average agent, and it is duly noted by me. He is a star! 

Ann M., MD


Craig has been very helpful to me and my family for our insurance needs.  It has been a pleasure working with him.  He is very professional, thorough and accurate.  And I especially appreciate the fact that he has gone out of his way to help us during non-business hours.

Pat G. CPA


Craig Thompson is a knowledgeable and dependable insurance agent. Our situation was complex requiring five different types of policies for quoting. As we moved forward through the process Craig was extremely patient and prompt in making the many changes we asked for. We are very pleased not only with the reputable insurance company that now hold our policies, but also the financial savings we benefited from Craig’s recommendations.

Sandy & John R. DDS


Craig was very easy to work with!  He got us the best coverage for my home and auto insurance at a competitive price as well. He made the transition seamless and I would highly recommend him to friends and colleagues!

Kathleen C., DDS


“Craig was extremely professional throughout the process and helped save me $500 per year. I suspect that he can do the same for you.”

Richard B. D.D.S., M.S. (Endodontist for 36 years)


I highly recommend working with Craig. Not only is Craig efficient and effective at what he does, he truly cares about finding the best options for you. I appreciate the knowledge and work ethic that Craig has. All my questions were answered and coverage was obtained immediately.

Suzanne B. Medical Associate


I enjoyed working with Craig from quoting to having the policies issued. Craig was responsive, I feel like I was at the “top of the pile” throughout the process with timely emails.

James H. CPA


I thought I was paying too much, Craig came out to our home, analyzed my former policy, got into the details and was able to determine the square footage of my home was way overstated. He helped save me a bundle! Craig is a professional and he gets high marks from me!

Michael I. DDS


“Craig, you are doing so much to help my mom and I can’t thank you enough!  You have made this process much easier for her and this would have been a nightmare without you.  Thanks for all the hard work, ideas and communications!”

Randy L


“I am a new client of Craig’s.  Craig’s effort and result more than met that our standards and expectations.  I asked him to review and update all my personal insurance needs which included several policies.  He was very prompt, thorough, available and achieved an excellent result.  My experience was outstanding! I can recommend Craig very highly, and without any reservation.”

Gayle and Michael M., MD


I just moved to Wisconsin and didn’t have any leads on a good insurance agent and found Craig Thompson through the internet. I could not have asked for a more knowledgeable thorough person to walk me through the entire process. He showed me my options, didn’t give me pressure to go with the most expensive, understood my needs for saving money but also staying safely insured. I am happy with Craig and will be using him when I need to renegotiate my insurance or insure something new later on when my needs change.

Ren L. – Business Consultant