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CPA IT Security Services

Professional Services is the sister division of Professional Insurance Programs, an endorsed provider of the WICPA.

As an expert in small business IT services, Professional Services can help Wisconsin based CPA’s comply with the FTC Safeguards Rule to Secure & Protect client data.


For a summary of the FTC Safeguards Rule for CPA’s, click here.

 Professional Services can provide:

  • IT Services
  • Cloud Back-up System
  • Secure Email
  • On-Site Security Risk Analysis

IT Services:
We are a low cost, full service IT provider for small business in Wisconsin. We provide a full range of software, hardware, support and security solutions to help small businesses deal with the constantly changing IT landscape.

Cloud Back-up:
A Complete 2 layered, Managed back-up system. We’ll encrypt and back-up your data to both the cloud and a local hard drive. We’ll keep 30 versions of your dataset in the cloud for ultimate protection. With 2 back-ups occurring daily, we’ll be able to restore your information up to 3 different ways when you need it most.

Secure Email using Securemail:
With Securemail for CPA’s, we’ll integrate your encryption license into your current email address (Gmail/Outlook/Thunderbird) providing you the easiest way to send and receive secure messages.

On-site Security Risk Analysis:
Our IT expert will work with you to identify Information Security risks within your business and help determining the probability of occurrence and potential resulting impact of the risks. Then we’ll provide you a roadmap of any additional security controls that you could implement to help mitiage those risks in the future.


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