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Why do I need Flood insurance if I have Homeowner’s Insurance? Doesn’t my Home insurance cover everything?

There is a broad misconception that your Homeowner’s insurance covers flooding. IT DOESN’T. Broken/Burst pipe(s) that cause water damage? Yes. Wind driven hail that breaks through the window and causes enough water damage? Yes. Water heater equipment breakdown? Maybe with the right endorsements. But if your home is filled with water as a result of rising bodies of lakes, streams and oceans–it is not covered. The National Flood Insurance Program defines a flood as “A general and temporary condition during which the surface of normally dry land is partially or completely inundated. Two properties in the area or two or more acres must be affected.

I don’t live in a high flood risk zone so why would I need Flood insurance?

ALL areas are susceptible to flooding. Nearly 25% of the NFIP’s claims come from low to moderate risk flood areas, outside high flood risk zone.

Is it expensive?  It may not be depending on your area. You may be able to get it for as low as $500 per year if your location is in a preferred flood Zone. The maximum amount of coverage for the building coverage is $250,000 $100,000 on personal contents, unless you choose to purchase a separate Excess Flood insurance policy.

Do I have to be a homeowner to purchase Flood insurance?  No you don’t. As a Renter, you can purchase Personal Property Contents and as a Condo unit owner, you can purchase both Building Coverage not to exceed $250K (when combined with the condo association policy) and $100,000 for your contents. 

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