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2016 Risk Management Seminar Course Information/Topic

2016 Risk Management Seminar

Seminar Title

Mother Nature, Disruptive Persons, Bad Luck: Emergency Preparedness in the Dental Practice


Course Overview

This presentation will examine the three types of emergencies most likely to be encountered in the dental practice: medical, environmental and violence. The presentation will focus on assessing the risk of these events occurring, and the proper preparation for them (including acquisition of resources and training of staff). The instruction will consist of an interactive lecture, supplemented by video presentation.



This program is appropriate for dentists and staff members. At the conclusion of the program, you should be able to:

  1. Identify three situations that require timely response and actions.
  2. List three things that can be modified in the practice to enhance safety and emergency responses.
  3. Evaluate how implementing improvements can reduce risk in the practice.
  4. Identify behaviors with a potential for violence.