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Basic home and auto policies are generally never equipped with enough coverage in the event of a catastrophic loss. The professionals at PIP have a history of providing more coverage while saving you money!

It is our goal to promote knowledge and transparency with your personal home, auto and umbrella insurance. Educating and informing consumers about the terminology, complexities and options related to your policy ensure you, your family and your possessions are properly protected.

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Homeowners Insurance

Your home is your most valuable investment, so protect it. Whether you are renting or owning, Professional Insurance Programs can create a policy tailored to your unique lifestyle. Your homeowners policy will cover the dwelling, other structures (detached garages/sheds), personal property, loss of use, personal liability and medical payments. Learn about these recommended endorsements that you should know about:

  • Guaranteed Replacement Cost of Dwelling: This guarantees that your home is replaced no matter how much it costs, even if it is more than the stated replacement value. This replacement cost has nothing to do with what your home is worth or what you can sell it for. It is simply the estimated cost to rebuild your home from scratch, so your family can continue on with their life.
  • Water/Sewer Back Up: This type of coverage is not standard on policies, but we feel it is essential to include on ALL of our quotes. Water/sewer back up is an important element to include in your policy because one inch of water/sewer back up can destroy your entire living area. Sewer back up is used when water comes up and out of your drains. Help your home stay afloat with PIP’s exclusive homeowners policies.
  • Special Personal Property: Open Peril Coverage – Special Personal Property – means that you are covered for all perils except those mentioned as exemptions in your insurance policy. A ‘peril’ is defined as specific dangers that could cause damage to your property i.e. a burst pipe, fire hurricanes or tornadoes. A select few perils are specifically mentioned as exemptions, most commonly earthquake or flood. As exemptions can vary amongst insurance companies, make sure to find out on your policy what you covers you.

Auto Insurance

Travel with peace of mind with your customizable auto insurance. Know that when you or your family are on the roads, in the event of an accident, your insurance will lend a helping hand. With our TravelNet® endorsement you will have emergency roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Speak directly with one of our representatives to see what a customizable plan can do for you.

Umbrella Policy

An Umbrella Policy is a safety net or a security blanket for any liability claims against you that go above and beyond your underlying liability limits. Policies begin at $1,000,000; however, with a free quote from PIP, we can help determine the best coverage for you. This extra layer of protection is here for catastrophic occurrences that could pop up unexpectedly.

Here are some everyday situations that prove The Umbrella Policy’s benefits:

  • A neighbor’s child climbs a tree on your property, falls, and is injured. The claim settlement goes well beyond the $300,000 liability limit of your homeowners’ policy.
  • Your family dog bites a visitor at your home. A jury awards $400,000 to the victim.
  • While renting a boat, you’re involved in an accident with injuries. A $700,000 award is granted to the injured party.


Additional Coverage Options

All lifestyles are unique- That is why we offer a variety of insurance options to protect what matters most to you:

  • Pets– Many pet owners today consider their pets members of the family.
  • Renters/Condominium Insurance– Many people find out after the incident that their personal possessions inside their apartment or rental home are not covered by their landlord’s insurance policy.
  • Identity Theft– With internet and technology at our fingertips, personal information is often found in places we cannot control. Ask us about IDTotal Protect and the extensive coverage it can offer you.
  • Auto Glass Program– This program guarantees auto glass repairs are done right. Report auto glass claims 24/7; Have the deductible waived if the windshield is repaired rather than replaced; YOU choose the vendor to replace or repair the windshield.



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