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Online Course Options

Online Course Options

MedPro for WI through our Agency offers 7.5% Risk Managment credit.  If you are unable to attend our annual live seminar, below are the options for you to obtain the 7.5% Risk Management credit, in addition to CE credits:

  • OnLine RM Courses For 3 Year RM Credit: Here is the MedPro website that will take you to the Risk Management on-line Courses https://medpro.medrisk.com/.  You will need to register, to create a User ID and password, to access the site at any time. To view the courses available go to the Home page of the website and in the middle of the page you/the Doctor will see available courses, if it does not say Dentist use the arrow to get the drop down box to select Dentist.  It will show all the available courses and the credits of the course.  The minimum credits a Doctor must take is 6 and it can be a combination of courses or one 6 or more credit course to qualify for the 3 year risk management credit.  They should always print or save a copy of the course completion certificate for their files.  In order to receive the RM credit the courses need to be taken prior to the policy renewal date and is good for three terms.  Prior to the third term the RM course needs to be taken again to continue the 3 year term.Website support for Risk Management Courses is Med Risk: During business hours can be reached by phone: 800-633-7475 and after hours & on weekends Email to: support@medrisk.com.


  • 1 Year Risk Management Credit:  For this option a Doctor will need to do 2 of the Continuing Dental Education (CDE) webinars (at no cost) to get a one year risk management credit and will also get CE credit.  This link:  https://www.medpro.com/on-demand-webinars to take you to the continuing education on-demand webinars and you will see the available webinars, click on your choice and on the left of title of webinar make sure you see a green circle that says CDE, this means available for dentists.  Will need to watch the webinar and then take a test and if you pass both tests you will get the one year risk management credit. This option can be done annually, no cost, to maintain their risk management credit, however it must be done prior to the renewal and must do 2 different webinars from the prior year. They should always print or save a copy of the completion certificate for their files.

The 1 year option can also be used for Doctor whose risk management credit expires before the live RM seminar held in Sept/Oct and they still want to come to the live seminar to take advantage of the 3 year RM credit. They take the 2 free CDE  courses prior to their renewal expiration and attend the live RM seminar for the 3 year RM credit and MedPro will apply the 3 year RM credit to their next year renewal. It will be good for 3 years, even though it is being apply the next year.

Website support for Webinars is the Dental Team at 1-800-463-3776, opt. 4, than opt. 2 or email at ddsvcs@medpro.com during the hours of 7AM-7PM (ET) Monday-Friday

(Please note the 7.5% is WI only otherwise the RM credit is 5% in other states)

*** Insureds who have less than 18 months remaining on their 3-year premium credit may take courses for CE credit and to extend their 3-year premium credit period. Insureds who have more than 18 months remaining on their 3-year premium credit may take courses for CE credit only. No extension of the 3-year premium credit period will be made.***

Should you have any questions, please call our office at 800-637-4676.