Professional Insurance Programs

Don’t Make Price Your Priority – It Could Be An Expensive Mistake

We all want to be good consumers, get a good deal and save money on “must haves” so we have more discretionary income for things we want.  Quite often taking this approach to important purchases such as insurance often ends up costing you more in the long run due to increased out of pocket expenses.

The WDA Insurance & Services Corp. insurance agency, Professional Insurance Programs, should be your first and last stop when looking to purchase coverage for your home & auto, health insurance, Medicare supplement policy, life & disability insurance, coverage for your practice, cyber insurance and especially your malpractice insurance.

Why? What makes us so much better than all the others who seem to offer the same coverages? Admittedly I am biased as I have chosen to work for this organization for over 24 years but that aside, you will not find a more dedicated, knowledgeable, professional group who will work harder on your behalf to find you the best possible coverage at the most competitive pricing for that coverage.

Consider what happens if you “trim” coverage to save premiums on any line of insurance previously mentioned.

  • If your practice is interrupted by a natural or technological disaster you may not have sufficient business interruption coverage to keep your employees and ongoing expenses.
  • Employees may find they are responsible for greater out of pocket costs for their health care due to key providers being out of network or their deductibles raised too high.
  • Your basic cyber coverage may not be sufficient or the language may not be broad enough to cover your actual exposures.
  • You may be moving to carrier with little experience in defending malpractice claims or they may not have an internal claims administration department.
  • Your retroactive date on your malpractice insurance may not be carried over to your new policy.
  • You may have Employer Practices Liability defense but no indemnity coverage or you may have no or insufficient equipment breakdown coverage.
  • Your home and possessions may not be sufficiently or properly covered. Valuable jewelry, art or collectibles; custom cabinetry and entertainment rooms may not be properly valued.

No other insurance agency in Wisconsin has employees whose primary focus is understanding and working with the dental community since 1982 or has as its Vision Statement to provide a continuous flow of non-dues revenue to the Wisconsin Dental Association in support of its’ Mission and your profession.

Our team takes the time to determine what your exposures and responsibilities are and will advise you on the best way to protect yourself.  Our team believes that protection is more important than price. If you are considering canceling one of your policies with us to save on premium, our team will take the time to point out where you may be leaving yourself vulnerable and the tremendous carrier relationships we have which enable us to provide substantial support for you when a claim arises, legal defense becomes necessary or a situation arises in your practice that needs an immediate response.