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Be in the know: The value of a technology audit

Ignorance can be bliss when it comes to our daily intake of news and social media. However, when it comes to the technology and equipment that runs your dental practice, it could not be any further from the truth. Every day our world becomes more reliant on computers, phones and our internet connections, which is why it is important that you thoroughly understand the technology in your practice and consider partnering with a trusted expert.

Technology and its use in the modern-day dental practice evolves on a daily basis with integrations, updates, patch­es, cloud-based options and more. In keeping up with these changes, you will also need to make sure your practice and the technology in it are all HIPAA compliant.

As our reliance on technology grows, it is vital for den­tists to have an understanding of their network, equipment, and the services they choose to incorporate into their prac­tice. A dentist’s main priority will always be the care they provide their patients, but nearly as important, they should prioritize partnering with a Managed Service Provider (MSP) or local IT company when it comes to the technology utilized within their practice. This ensures your practice streamlines the technology services you use and, above all, that your net­work is secure.

In business, it is considered best practice to perform audits on an annual basis. There are also a variety of ways and tools available to audit technology vendors. We strongly suggest that a practice completes a technical assessment reg­ularly. These assessments thoroughly evaluate your network as well as the equipment, security and compliance of the ser­vices in place.

The value that these assessments provide is tremen­dous. If evaluating new providers, a technical assessment will provide you the inventory and landscape of your network so you can be knowledgeable when comparing these potential providers. If you already have a technology partner and want to be certain the provider is performing as promised and is protecting your practice, a third-party technical assessment will provide you with a detailed report.

Through Den Tech Complete, we offer technical assess­ments to provide WDA members understanding, peace of mind and a detailed report that tells the story of the tech­nology in their practice. When it comes to understanding the makeup of the technology and the security of your network, consider Den Tech Complete and our technical assessments to guide you.

For more information, contact Jeremy Hengst at jhengst@dentechcomplete.com or 414-755-4196.